Preliminary findings from current research are first shared with our IDEAS-to-Action learning community, as we design and review child outcome measures with the involvement of local community, provider system, and research partners.  Check back for updates and see our Research page for periodic briefs.


Journal Special Issue on COVID "Developmental Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Young Children: A Conceptual Model for Research with Integrated Administrative Data Systems" (International Journal of Population Data Science, October 2021) was developed with contributions from the IDEAS Consortium and other integrated data system (IDS) projects in the national AISP Network.  While each IDS is unique, the article outlines a shared approach for cross-system data to be integrated in the context of a holistic approach to child development.
Technology for Civic Integration Technology for Civic Data Integration:  the IDEAS team's UM technology experts (IDSC) contributed to this report from AISP, National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, and MetroLab (9/2018).


Child Opportunity Index (COI)

Child opportunity index Florida 2023

In addition to our shared use of local data, the IDEAS Consortium is working with our local community partners to customize nationally available datasets from the Child Opportunity Index.  The COI is maintained by, a comprehensive research program established to monitor the state of wellbeing, diversity, opportunity and equity of U.S. children.  It is housed at the Brandeis University Institute for Child, Youth and Family Policy at the Heller School for Social Policy.

Notable research on early childhood from a national perspective can be found on the Child Trends website.

Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP)

Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP)

The Miami-Dade IDEAS Consortium is a member of the AISP national network for data-sharing projects, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania.  Our Integrated Data System (IDS) work can be viewed in the context AISP's annually updated national landscape of IDS sites and we strongly encourage use of model resources developed through this support network.  The AISP Equity Toolkit informs our local community partnerships and was developed in part by our neighboring IDS in Broward County, as described by Sue Gallagher in her 2021 keynote presentation on our mapping page.



Florida policy focus on early childhood

Future Project logo

Our statewide policy partners at The Children's Movement of Florida (TCM) organize an annual "Built to Thrive" showcase of child-focused research, practice, and policy.  Keynotes, panel presentations, and resource links are posted online. 

A 2023 initiative, The Future Project, coordinated a collective vision and roadmap for strengthening Florida's early chilhood systems.


During the pandemic, the IDEAS Consortium worked with experts across Florida to share strategies that contribute to child resilience and equity.  The Center for Prevention & Early Intervention Policy at Florida State University has developed a website featuring trauma-informed programs and initiatives

Florida Integrated Data Systems (IDS)

The Florida IDS network meets bi-monthly to improve capacity and coordination for local IDS work.  To join these meetings, please reach out to us through the contact information on our About page. 


Mayor's Children's Commission Roadmap

In April 2022, Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava launched the Mayor's Children’s Commission with a focus on children age 0-5. The comprehensive Roadmap for Child Success, released in May 2023, seeks to to ensure that all children in Miami-Dade County are nurtured and educated in an environment that fosters opportunity for long-term success. The Roadmap was created with input from specialists, parents, and caregivers and recommends the tools, resources, and engagement opportunities necessary to raise resilient children. IDEAS Consortium system and community partners participated extensively in this effort, and the Roadmap will help to guide future activities.  

The IDEAS Consortium is grounded in our Miami-Dade communities.  Our developing learning community originated in relationships with lead agencies in three diverse areas of the county, as described in our community advisor page, and before the pandemic we actively participated in Synergy Symposia events under the leadership of Concerned African Women, Inc.  Public symposia will resume as our research and learning community work proceeds. We also align with local initiatives such as the Together for Children's Early Childhood Committee for the Northeast Corridor, which meets monthly and serves as the advisory group for our parent mapping application.