Selected presentations and publications

Synergy Symposium Presentation:  A short introduction to the IDEAS Consortium, with poll feedback on the design of a new community mapping tool (10/23/20).

Technology for Civic Data Integration:  the IDEAS team's UM technology experts (IDSC) contributed to this report from AISP, National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership, and MetroLab (9/2018).


Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP)Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP)

Miami-Dade is one of the learning communities in second cohort of the AISP Network. The AISP Network is a professional group of individuals within county organizations, state agencies, and universities that operate integrated data systems (IDS) across the U.S.




AISP's Equity Toolkit:  Our neighboring IDS in Broward County, led by Sue Gallagher, helped develop this important framework that informs our Miami-Dade IDEAS efforts.  See the keynote presentation from our June 2020 IDEAS Synergy event, on our mapping page.

Child Trends early childhood:  Up-to-date research on early childhood services from a national perspective.


Florida Children and Youth Cabinet: Technology WorkgroupFlorida Children and Youth Cabinet: Technology Workgroup

Integrated Data System partnerships in Miami-Dade and other Florida counties meet monthly, in alignment with the state-level Technology Workgroup of the Florida Children and Youth Cabinet.  We seek to improve capacity and coordination for local IDS work.




Creating a trauma-informed Florida:   IDEAS collaborates in a state workgroup with the FSU Center for Prevention & Early Intervention Policy and other trauma experts in Florida, to advance our work on child resilience and equity (see our mapping page or brief 3 on the research page). 


Together for ChildrenTargeted Neighborhoods

We align with local initiatives such as the Early Childhood Committee for the Northeast Corridor of Miami-Dade County, a priority neighborhood in the Together for Children coalition.